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We are ready to assist you in finding a great place to work. One of our main priorities is to listen to your needs and offer as much flexibility as possible around your personal preferences.

We understand the unique expertise that SAP professionals offer as we have an SAP consulting background exactly like you.

By clicking on the brown square you can quickly upload your CV to the site. Subsequently, we will contact you to discuss your needs and preferences confidentially. You can rely on a professional and confidential communication on our side.


Due to our previous SAP Consulting experience, we are able to correctly identify your needs to provide you with the best possible solution. Furthermore, we know the local SAP market well so we are able to understand your demands. A deep understanding of a combination of SAP experience and personal characteristics of our candidates is crucial. Only those who meet all relevant criteria ever speak with our customers.

Click on the button below and post your actual SAP vacancy on the site. Immediately after your announcement is published, it has the opportunity to impress plenty of SAP specialists who are interested in getting fresh job updates.


Our 15-year SAP consulting expertise allows us to anticipate and prepare for the needs of our customers. We are ready to start searching for the right SAP specialists immediately. Cleveronia offers both direct-hire permanent placement as well as the SAP contract job solutions.

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How do we operate?

  • Contract sign – signing of contract between Cleveronia and a customer where all agreed conditions are stated.
  • Understanding of customer’s demands – first, we need to understand our client’s business and his current and future requirements.
  • Mutual agreement – on the basis of information provided by the customer, we prepare a final specification for the vacancy, which always has to be confirmed by the client.
  • Approaching of candidates – within the agreed timeframe we approach a group of potential candidates.
  • Selection process – interviewing and selection of potential candidates and preparing the final list of names to be presented to the client.
  • Presenting candidates – those candidates who we are strongly convinced would fit the vacancy are introduced to the client. Our client receives a personal screening form, CV, and our recommendation of the hottest candidates.
  • Client interviews – we organize interviews between candidates and our client.
  • Customer’s decision – on the basis of customer’s final decision we communicate to the candidates whether they have received a job offer or not.
  • Finalizing of onboarding details – confirmation of when the customer’s contract starts, clarifying any other remaining issues, etc.
  • Invoicing – we are eligible to invoice the agreed fee after the candidate’s trial period is successfully over.

Why Cleveronia?

There are plenty of companies offering either their own SAP personnel or hunting for available specialists on the market. What are the main advantages of our company and why should you choose Cleveronia?

  • Focus solely on SAP market – We focus and provide deep insight solely into the SAP market niche, with no concentration on any other ERP system. We are not a common IT recruiting company claiming to be familiar in any specialty. We are deeply specialized on the SAP market to be able to deliver expected results in a short period of time.
  • Real experience from SAP projects – we own valuable knowledge gained during implementation and support projects, which enables us better understand demand on one side, and to identify a suitable profile on the other.
  • Fairness – we do not charge our clients in advance. We are entitled to be paid no sooner than when our client is satisfied.
  • Active listening – we communicate and listen to customers and candidates to understand their needs. This increases the probability of a successful final match.
  • Good relations with customers – we consider both sides to be our customers – hiring companies and applying candidates. We realize that time is money and each of our customers is busy. Therefore we value each minute we spend in discussion with them. However, we put an emphasis on mutual communication and we always inform ALL the involved candidates about the result, not only those who are successful. We believe in building long-term relationships.
  • Social media marketing – aside from the traditional methods of recruiting, we keep pace with the newest trends to be able to react to our customers’ needs quickly.
  • No risk – by partnering with Cleveronia, clients do not lose. Either we fill your vacancy, or we inform you in advance if not. In the case that we do not see any suitable resource for you, obviously it will cost you nothing. However, in the vast majority of cases we are able to present you with a best potential candidate.
  • Reasonable price for our service – the price for our service is comparable with our competition, however we charge you no sooner than when you confirm your satisfaction with the provided candidate.

Cleveronia (SAPerior Job Placement Solutions) - SAPAbout Us

Cleveronia Ltd. specializes in the sourcing and recruitment of qualified personnel working with the SAP system. It was established in 2010 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Our commitment to finding the right candidate for your SAP vacancies goes well beyond screening, delivering and recommending the qualified SAP professionals arising from our strong network and personal contacts. Through effective supplementing staffing services, we help organizations to derive more value from their SAP investment.

What we can offer are efficient and collaborative solutions to any organization that requires SAP resources. Our customers range from mid-size enterprises to large, multi-national corporations.

Our primary aim is building long-term relationships with our customers. The most valuable reward for our service is considered to be an additional order or recommendation of our work to other potential customers. We do our best to build trust by being a reliable partner with a strong work ethic and a high level of integrity in all of our work.